Index of 2nd Amendment documents proving the right for individuals to carry any way they see fit

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The following gun rights documents have been accumulated over a number of years in researching Government fraud against the American People. If any document is copyrighted and the owner does not want it listed here, please point it out and it will be removed. We try to catch all docs that are copyrighted. These documents prove beyond any doubt at all that the Federal Government's usurpation of power against the People, and States, is not only unconstitutional, it is criminal and treason. Pass this on and get out of their matrix scam. Educate yourself and your friends and family and help stop this corruption and destruction of our Republic!

97th Congress right to keep and bear arms

Army Pistol Marksmanship Guide

DC v Heller gun rights - U.S. Supreme Court

Gunlaws Catalog 2013

Right to keep and bear arms - Attorney General report

State Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms.


Henderson Amicus Brief - gun rights protection by 2nd Amendment