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Fighting for our Rights, Our Constitution and the Rule of Law!

Providing Justice, and Taking back our Courts and Constitution ... one case at a time, and one County at a time!

Foundation for Truth in Law is not yet up and running and is pending funding and hiring of our Constitutional attorneys and legal experts. However, you can still begin your education into the law and Constitutional rights, and law suits below and the link list to the left. Be sure to bookmark this page... the awakening is happening and the fun is yet to begin.

Foundation for Truth in Law (FTL) will set itself up as a "church organization" in the sense that the word "church" means "eclesia" or, "called out ones." FTL seeks to link with all those who feel "called" to defend law, defend truth and to stand against evil and corruption wherever it raises its tentacles. The deep state swamp is alive and well at the Federal, State and local county levels, and this swamp and its creatures who pass themselves off as "public servants" have reeked havoc on our finances and liberties ever since the civil war. FTL functions under the right to be tax exempt as clearly stated in 26 U.S.C. 508(c)(1)(a). The 508(c)(1)(a) is separate and distinct from the typical 501(c)(3) charity and "churches" which are under the jurisdiction of the federal government and have to comply with its rules. The 508(c)(1)(a) is applicable in all 50 states and recognized internationally under the Hague Convention of the United Nations Charter.

The 508(c)(1)(a) organizations enjoy a "mandatory exception" from all the restrictions a 501(c)(3) church has, including being free to speak truth in whatever form it may be, and exceptions from any IRS reporting requirements, or rules and regulations that the IRS may from time to time prescribe for their "privileged" (read controlled) clients who are under the chains of the 501(c)(3) voluntary submission request.

The problem...

You know something is WRONG in this union of states... Government and Courts have run amok, with Fraud being practiced in most every Courtroom in America today. In order to take our Republic back, we must stand on the law and Constitution, and hold those who would deprive us of both, accountable. All law has one lawgiver, and we are required to comply with the supreme laws, as well as all original common laws. Foundation for Truth in Law is dedicated to that end!

Foundation for Truth in Law Mission Statement:

  • FTL is a small part of a huge organic group of awake, or awakening, people and groups who are now seeing, and resisting, the serious erosion of our way of live and the global attack from the deep state on the largest freedom and right defenders on the planet, and of course, attacking all peoples of the world who would be free and no longer slaves to the deep state minions of evil.

  • FTL is dedicated to providing for the education on and support of Constitutional law and government, whether Federal, State or local government. All Constitutional Law begins at the local, County level and NOT at the Federal level. The U.S. Constitution guarantees natural rights, and that the People of the several states authorize government to act, but only within Constitutional boundaries. Government "Of the People, By the People and For the People" begins WITH the People, and the respective Counties within the 50 sovereign states is where this authority begins.

  • FTL believes that change will NEVER come from trying to convince Washington, or State government representatives who are so entrenched in their high positions that they have completely lost site of truth. Change MUST begin at the local, grass roots level, with individuals working together toward the common good of all, and creating a moral, ethical and Constitutional local County government defended by those who would Guard their county and people. It is HERE where the true power of government begins, and where out-of-control federal government has LITTLE Constitutional OR legal authority. Without this foundation, and the enforcement of this foundation by the People, American Freedom will be an historical memory in our lives, and our children's children will never taste of it.

  • FTL will be comprised of Americans that believe in Constitutional government and in seeing to it that all Federal, State and Local governments abide by their Constitutional restraints of power and authority, and obey their oath of office... something being grossly discarded by most politicians and government employees today.

  • FTL is NOT for timid or fearful people not willing to stand against fears brought about by TRUTH, and to address those issues as they threaten life and liberty. Rather than hiding from the threats we face through distractions and blind entertainment, and blind trust of those governing and reporting to us, FTL is for those willing to stand up to resist these threats. Our Founding Generation did just this and they were facing less than what we are facing today in America and the world.

  • FTL fully endorses the right to keep, and bear, arms , as secured by the Second Amendment, and as a means of community safety and deterrent against crime and unconstitutional behavior by any, and as a means of preserving the freedoms and rights of all Citizens of the Several States. This included concealed carry at any time without a permit, which is clearly "infringing" on the right to "keep and bear" arms.

The definite threats to We, The People:

  • FTL holds that the various Federal, State and Local governments have strayed far outside their authority and are unconstitutional in many actions, such as the unconstitutionally applied so-called "income" tax, the Federal Reserve, judges and courts. Unless The People stand up for the laws of the land and for the Constitution of the U.S.A., as it was intended and as "The People" expect it to be, our way of life is threatened and will cease to exist. There are millions of people across the Republic that belong to various groups that hold to these beliefs as well, but are so diluted at the local level that nothing can be done to affect grass root, local efforts. FTL will be that focal point for individuals, irrespective of group affiliation, and allow our County citizens to support the varied missions of the FTL and other County Guard groups.

  • FTL holds that all rights of The People come from God and Natural Law, and that the Constitution protects those Natural Rights, but does not create them or enforce them. All Natural Rights come from the creator God, and the Founding Fathers created the Constitution to maintain those rights. The problem has become one of gradual usurping of power and authority by various government agencies, which We the People have allowed to happen through forgetfulness and ignorance.

  • Americans have been very trusting of their elected representatives in the past. This blind trust has led to a gradual "taking advantage" of The People, and the People's gradual loss of knowledge regarding the Constitution and law, and how our rights and freedoms are being eroded in countless ways. FTL's mission is to re-educate "We the People" of the United States with truth, facts and evidence, and to correct the loss of freedoms and rights.

  • FTL can only work if individuals take personal responsibility for their freedoms. Payments MUST be made to preserve freedom. Your firm belief in this Republic, your freedoms, the Constitution, and your willingness to defend your family and children, and your community, from domestic threats that seek to destroy them is what is needed. Our Founding Fathers, and others, had a lot to say about those who were not willing to fight for freedom, and many gave their lives to assure what we now are taking for granted as a nation.

FTL will have top constitutional attorneys and professionals who will work hard across the Republic in court cases we take to fight for justice. Educating people on their rights under law, and helping us all to restore freedom and the rule of law, will occur in the process.

If we want to see changes in our Republic... want to get back to good government... and are WILLING to ACT... then we MUST begin acting NOW to correct the problems or we have had it.

Until we establish this Foundation, you can utilize the following source for legal help with these issues:

People's Rights website: Dedicated to local issues where people of like minds can join forces to be sure government actors hear our voice and comply with our will.

Freedom Law School: assistance for freedom loving and self-responsible people who are committed to living their lives free of oppressive control and taxation by governments and their agents and live free, in pursuit of happiness.

Juris-imprudence: No official has any immunity from criminal prosecution. The power to take back control of the legal system lies in that simple realization. The real check to abuse of power has always been in the hands of the people, yours and mine. This site is a demonstration of the power of the singular individual empowered with the realization s/he is sovereign.

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If you know of anyone who would like to FUND this venture, for the benefit of all Americans, please have them contact us at the email address below!

Notarial Verification of Established Truth:

The Supreme Court declares due process dead for all Americans!

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