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The following documents have been accumulated over a number of years in researching Government fraud against the American People. If any document is copyrighted and the owner does not want it listed here, please point it out and it will be removed. We try to catch all docs that are copyrighted. These documents prove beyond any doubt at all that the Federal Government's usurpation of power against the People, and States, is not only unconstitutional, it is criminal and treason. Pass this on and get out of their matrix scam. Educate yourself and your friends and family and help stop this corruption and destruction of our Republic!

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IRS Document Resources

2nd Amendment and Gun Right's documents

Documents on Mortgage fraud, stopping payroll tax deduction, Property tax challenges, Jury Rights and more!

If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

The FIRST, original, 13th Amendment - Constitutional proof

The FIRST, original, 13th Amendment - Original document history

Original 13th Amendment in Colorado Constitution, 1878

Original 13th Amendment removed, and Second 13th Amendment in its place: Keep in mind that this is decades after the original ratification December 9, 1812, and this sort of fraud is evident in all State archives where they haven't destroyed the evidence.

14th Amendment Conspiracy Theory - Volume 47, 1937-1938

14th Amendment Sins of the State - fraud and present day slavery

14th Amendment - nonratification UTAH Supreme Court

1787 Constitution for the United States

1909-16th Amendment Congressional Record

2005 ohio 2166 no evidence wages are income

40 USC 255 no federal jurisdiction in states


Anderson on Sheriffs_Vol_1

Anderson on Sheriffs_Vol_2

Apache Count Emergency Resolution - Federal Managed Lands


Article 1, Section 8 - Enumerated Powers of the Federal Government


Becraft - Federal Jurisdiction in the United States

Biblical law - Biblical truth

Black budget excerpts from washington post

Black's Law Dictionary - Due Process Definition


Citizenship and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government-1

Citizenship and Jurisdiction of the Federal Government-2

Harney County Oregon Sheriff David Ward: Letter on jurisdiction of Federal Government and his duty to stop federal encroachment into Oregon

Colorado Sheriffs Courts Homeland Security 6-8-13

Compliance Certificate

Concentration Camps

Congress McFadden - 1924 Speech indicting the Federal Reserve - STILL NOT ACTED UPON BY CONGRESS!!!

County Sheriffs of Colorado 1-26-2013

Deprivation of honest services CONGRESSIONAL REPORT

Deprivation of right to honest services

Dr. Andrew Moulden - Vaccines Interview 2

Right to Travel - license free - original brief

Legal synopsis of right to travel - Oklahoma City University Law Review

Colorado Court case - Traveling in your private vehicle is a RIGHT that cannot be licensed... get the facts and use them to free yourself

Economic Pearl Harbor

FDA Response which stopped their harassment of me and my business

Fear the People: PDF book On restoring America through necessary steps - by - Join the Team

Federal Jurisdiction In the United States -BLM letter

Stewardship of Public Lands: Legal Opinion against the U.S. Government's usurpation of public lands

Foreclosure Fraud Response Package!


Grand Jury: Power of the People over corrupt government officials

How the Judiciary Stole Right to Petition

Inside Oklahoma's 16th Amendment lawsuit - interviews

Invisible Contracts - PDF Doc

JG on the grand jury

JG state language on jury nullification

Jury - If You are Facing Charges

Jury - If you are called for Jury Duty

Jurors Handbook

Jury - State language on jury nullification

Jury Trial - Why is it important?

Larry Pratt - Gun Owners of America

Liberty Dollar Court Asset Response and NOTICE of Fraud

Liberty Dollar Court Asset Response and NOTICE of Fraud-Court Stamped

Matrix Exposers

Missouri terrorist document

Modern Money Mechanics: Economic fraud against Americans

Mortgage Evidence of ownership of debt


Obama's birth questions

One Second After Electromagnetic Pulse

What does One Trillion Dollars look like?

Operation Garden Plot

Opposition to NDAA

Political Jurisdiction

Proof of Service

Q - Anons - Restore the Republic: Deep state investigation Op and take down

Q Maps: Data on many elements of the deep state take down

Questions on 911

Restoring Constitutional Governance Colorado Oathkeepers

Right to keep and bear arms - Case Precedent & Attorney General Report

Right to access court decisions - People are expected to know the law

Sleuth Journal

Your Strawman - The Untold Story

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia - Document requesting Grand Jury convening to investigate the IRS and BLM sent Feb 1, 2016

Supreme Court cannot rule outside enumerated authority

The American Revolution and the Minority Myth

The American Revolution as a People's War

The Law by Fredrick Bastiat - 1850

The Law of Nations - The Principles of Natural Law-(1758) Emmeric

The Myth of the Social Security Trust Fund 2

The Original Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

The TRUTH About the U.S. Government Bankruptcy

The Ultimate Delusion - U.S. Government fraud



Thrive Tool Kit.pdf


UTAH Sheriffs Association letter to Obama

United States is a for-profit Corporation

Separation of Powers

Sample letter to District Attorney demanding Grand Jury access

Violation of rights under color of law


WWII Resistance - Cutting the Head Off

Who Can Determine If A Law Is Unconstitutional

Who are the Sovereigns?

You are a Slave