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A Constitution in Tatters,
A Country in Distress*

* or, Why we fly our flag upside down
written by Michelle Konieczny

We believe the citizens of the United States and others who live in our country are in grave danger of being denied the inalienable rights that have made this country the best and brightest hope for the World for over 200 years. Many of our Rights have already been stolen and abuses have been visited upon U.S. Citizens, and other people across the world, at the hands of government agents acting in the name of our Nation.

We have a good system of government, but it needs to perform only its lawful functions and to be bound once again by the restraints of the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We feel it is every U.S. Citizen's duty to protect and defend these important documents and ensure the guidelines it dictates are followed. There exist those currently in the U.S. government who would ignore its demands of restraint, fair and just legislation, strict division and limited scope of governmental powers. We feel it is every American's duty to elect and support those who take their oath to defend and protect the Constitution seriously and will stand by their promises.

The International Charter of Flag Etiquette states that a flag may be flown upside down in cases of extreme distress. We fly our flag upside down to call out to fellow Americans, and to make them aware that our country is in distress. We seek to inform our fellow citizens and spread word of the changes that are needed to ensure our Liberty.

Most of the lawmakers on Capitol Hill support laws that infringe our Rights on a daily basis. We are saying 'enough is enough,' we want the Bill of Rights and Constitution restored in America.

It is evident that our Freedom is in grave jeopardy. This is proven not only by the actions of our Representatives and Senators, but by the actions of our present Attorney General, Eric Holder who turned his back on the Civil Liberties of U.S. Citizens and others.

During this time of war and in an age of untold technical ability, we can't afford to allow any more infringements to occur. We must stand together, United, to demand our country, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights are restored. We must keep our country safe from enemies, both foreign and domestic. Now more than ever we need the protections of the Constitution. Now more than ever we need to stand together and demand honor among our leaders. Together we can assure that Liberty and the true Spirit of America will prevail!

Join us in the 2nd American Revolution.