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1. It becomes your "Higher Duty" to investigate or cause to be investigated, ANY possible illegal or unconstitutional NOTICE brought to your personal attention by any party. To fail to act on possible criminal or civil right violations creates a personal liability on your part, and can be used in a court of law against you and your superiors. The "Higher Duty" to know the law and act within it runs all the way to the top, and ignorance of the law is no excuse when you have been placed on NOTICE... AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

2. It is a crime for any government office or any official to auction or otherwise sell in any way, private or business property of any individual WITHOUT FIRST HAVING DUE PROCESS OF LAW, to determine the cause of action and the recourse in law. The sale of any property outside this means is illegal, and all those involved with such a sale, including those purchasing said property, are personally liable for damages, and subject to criminal charges under Racketeering (RICO) laws, and for violation of civil and Due Process rights. All government officials have the "Greater Duty" to know the law and comply with it, or you are in breach of your fiduciary duty and you can be held personally liable by those harmed by any fraud. Any challenge made by any citizen requires you to respond, point by point, and to "prove up" your position in law.

3. If you are involved with ANY illegal, unethical or unconstitutional activities, or KNOW of such taking place, or suspect it, you are legally liable for this knowledge and could will be held legally responsible if you do NOT step forward to correct the situation or bring knowledge of any situation you have to the proper authorities. In other words, you are an accomplice in the activities if you do nothing!

Any facts which are brought forward by government employees, citizens or investigative parties that have been otherwise covered up, suppressed or ignored, or documentation, or witnesses tampered with, or evidence destroyed, will be used against all parties involved to the fullest extent of law.